Porcelain paper clay is malleable to work with:   coils are finely rolled, extruded, stretched and expanded without placing stress on the clayform.  I am able to create sculptures exploiting using porcelain clay like no other medium.

Design influences come from repeated patterns of crocheting interwoven lace, overlapping very fine spiral coils as if it were thread on a dense convex form. The open spaces are created as part of the design. Lightweight open work patterned with open holes in the work creating an airy light illumination of shadows.

The making process can be mysterious at times and also be unpredictable.  Most times when producing clay sculptures I will not always know of the forms outcome until it has emerged.  However I am able to overcome certain hurdles in the creating process through producing small clay works. The simple organic shaped forms allow a greater scope for further creativity it is not an austere rigid structured piece but a work that curves around in unrestrained style. I can transform the design freely by adding more coils or by removing parts of the clay to create different patterned effects.

Jennifer Clark