Handbuilding Classes

Open learning space for all levels of clay workers from beginners who have never touched clay to the more experienced ceramacist.  I will also guide you in seeing your creative path as you experiment with handbuilding, texture making and joining techniques.



How the studio works and Cost

My aim is to encourage many people to play with clay.  It is not possible to create a finished piece in one class.  You are welcome to come in for a one off experience.   Ceramics is a slow process and must undergo different stages, drying stage, firing stage before it’s completed.



For a completed handbuilding piece a minimum of two classes is needed.

  1. Handbuilding class – introductory and 2 week waiting period for drying and firing.
  2. Glazing class




Booking:   select a day and time

Day Classes              Tuesday and Thursday

Morning session     10am – 12 midday

Afternoon Session   2pm – 4pm



Cost of Classes

One off class      $ 50

2     Session pack     $ 100

3     Session pack     $ 145

4     Session pack     $ 180

8     Session pack     $ 360